Attorney of Law

Risk Management & Special Private Investigations


East-Risk Management (Attorney of Law, Risk Management & Special Private Investigations), which has been operating since 1996 in Lahti (Finland), is an efficient private investigation and law firm specializing in risk management. The firm provides competent legal services, risk management services, private investigation services, lie detection services as well as training.

The company's business is divided into two parts:s

1.  Attorney of Law, legal and compliance risk management

2.  Security Risk Management & Special Private Investigations

The company has extensive experience in international risk management projects as well as, among others, a long history with clarifying, mapping and managing risks involved in FSU/CIS business.    

We also offer high quality private investigation services in Finland and abroad as well as lie detection – instrumental, contact-free lie detection, which is based on voice analysis. 

East-Risk Management represents Nemesysco Ltd in the Nordic countries as a retail dealer of lie detector software as well as other products and, in addition, installs and maintains software. Nemesysco Ltd develops lie detector software as well as other solutions, which are based on voice analysis technology and are meant for different fields.  

Our service is experienced, efficient and confidential. We are mainly focused on assignments from corporations.